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Bisque Ellisse – White (9010)


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Bisque Ellisse General Purpose Radiator

This efficient radiator packs a powerful punch under it’s sleek and stylish frame. The compact elliptical tubes provide a high heat output, which means the radiator can be much slimmer than most – handy where wall space is minimal or when used with low temperature heating systems such as heat pumps.

Material: Aluminium
Finish: White (9010)

Sizes Available:

  • 167mm x 1690mm – Output: 1196 watts / 4081 btu
  • 211mm x 1690mm – Output: 1495 watts / 5101 btu
  • 255mm x 1690mm – Output: 1794 watts / 6121 btu


*For pipes from wall, Valve set M is recommended
*For pipes from floor, Valve set J is recommended

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