Thermostatic Mixer for 2 Functions with Fixfit & Porter Unit

Intuitive jet adjustment

£637.50 (£531.25 Ex. VAT)

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Hansgrohe ShowerSelect Thermostatic Mixer for Concealed Installation for 2 Functions with Fix Fit and porter Unit

Product features

  • designed to run 2 outlets
  • multiple outlets can be run simultaneously
  • Select push button on / off control for 2 outlets
  • safety stop at 40°C
  • flow rate hand shower connection 14 l/min at 3 bar
  • flow rate upper outlet 29 l/min at 3 bar
  • operating pressure: min. 1 bar/max. 10 bar
  • integrated shower support
  • wall-mounted
  • if running with a pump, please specify a universal (negative head) pump

This item must also be ordered separately: iBox Universal Basic Set (01800180)


Intuitive jet adjustmentIntuitive jet adjustment: Switches to a different spray mode or outlet at the touch of a button

Weight 4.00 kg