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Worcester Condensesure 7716192746

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Worcester Condensesure 7716192746

The CondenseSure has been designed to allow a more flexible approach to boiler siting and enable condensate discharge pipes to be installed externally when an internal route is not practical. The accessory does not use any power consumption or have any moving parts and means you do not need to insulate any pipework – making it easy to install

Features & Benefits

  • Zero running costs as no electrical wiring connection or supply needed
  • No moving parts and therefore no failure of components
  • No pipe insulation required
  • Can be installed on new or existing installations
  • Suitable for use with any gas or oil-fired condensing boilers
  • Can be attached directly onto 22mm heating flow pipework and uses ‘free’ energy from the pipe to heat the
  • condensate
  • Extensively tested at -15ºC for a sustained period of 48 hours.